You can create templates of rosters to be used at a future point in time. 

This is especially helpful for when you have rotating schedules or common schedules that require minimal changes each week. 

Create your weekly schedule or navigate to a previous schedule you wish to save for future use. 

Select the 'Copy' button in the toolbar above the schedule and choose 'Save as Template'

In the pop up, set a name for your template and add a description if you want further information before selecting Save

By default, staff will stay attached to the shifts you are saving. If you want to save just the shift position and times as a blank template, tick the 'Remove staff from shifts' button before saving. 

Once the template is saved, find a week you wish to use the template schedule in, click Copy and choose 'Load Template'

Select the template you wish to choose and then click 'Load'

You can choose to remove staff from the template at this point as well by ticking the 'Remove staff from shifts' button.

Once you select load the template will be added to your schedule page. Click Save and you're done.